After a rather long waiting-period, I now proudly present to you the latest version of ChapterMarker. Read on for more information and the download link!

One of those things I really like, are RGB-Leds. Especially if you can control them with a computer. My first project with them was a hacked Ikea "DIODER"-lamp, which still lights my desk today. It has several nice features, one of them being the alarm clock. In the morning, the lamp simulates the colors of a rising sun, so I have my own sunrise, whenever I want.
But, lets get to the headline "Blinkentree" - my newest project. In our backyard, we have a little tree. Sadly, you don't see it at night. Well, you didn't. Now you do. :-)

As you might know, I currently work at Boinx Software again, as an intern. As @schlingel started biking to work rather than driving, I joined him on his daily trip to work. Because I also recently bought an iPhone Bike Mount I was curious to do a timelapse while biking to work.
Read on for more information on how we pulled that of technically.

Podcasting is quite fun, but can also be quite stressful if you want to add chapters to your podcast. (Personally, I love chapters in podcasts, because then you can jump to the parts that you find interesting). Sadly, adding those chapters to your podcasts can be quite some work, as you have to set a marker every time you want a new chapter to begin.
But this will change now ;-)

As @schlingel recently celebrated his 5th "Twitter-Birthday" (Congratulations!), I started thinking about how everything started for me. So, this is my story, broken down to the bare minimum, starting with my first Mac.