Recently I have gotten myself into this whole "3d printing" thing. The idea is to use plastic aka. filament, bought on long spools, in combination with very precise XYZ axis and melt it into different shaped. One can design those 3d models on his computer and transform them into physical space in mere minutes or hours. And in true hacker fashion most of these 3d printers rarely remain in their stock configuration, but rather are heavily modded. And so is mine. In order for me to manage the research into this area and also document the changes I have performed I created a new GitHub repository collecting all this information. Enjoy!

Last summer I got asked to do a photoshoot together with a friend of mine and her horse. As it was my first shoot of this kind they are not perfect but I learned a lot from it and I'm looking forward to the next shooting :-)

In Austria each boy has to do either a military service or a civil service after finishing school. I went for the civil service as a paramedic at the Red Cross Austria. It have been 9 amazing months. I learnt alot about the human body, psychology and our society in general. But as you might guess, after those 9 months you are really ready for a holiday. So that's what we did.

Two years after I first went to Apples WWDC it was time to pack my stuff together once again. I decided that as I got two weeks off from my civil service I wanted to spend as much of it in beautiful California. So that's what I did.

So I recently graduated from my school, "HLW für Kommunikations- und Mediendesign", which roughly translates to highschool with focus on communication and media design. Part of that process were the A levels or high school diploma ("Matura"), which I finished last week. Now I'm oficially no longer a student. Weird feeling after atending school for 13 years.
Anyway, students have to write some form of thesis for the A levels. My topic was RSA, especially the maths behind it. As it's written in german, it's not too interesting for everyone, however I thought it might interest some on what I had to work on the last year. This is the written part of the thesis, and this pdf contains the slides (I had to present a random excerpt of the whole presentation). Both files were created in LaTeX, which was its own challenge ;-)