Podcasting is quite fun, but can also be quite stressful if you want to add chapters to your podcast. (Personally, I love chapters in podcasts, because then you can jump to the parts that you find interesting). Sadly, adding those chapters to your podcasts can be quite some work, as you have to set a marker every time you want a new chapter to begin.
But this will change now ;-)

Introducing ChapterMarker

I've been working on this little tool for quite some time now. The main goal was to make the App as simple and usable as possible, which I hopefully succeeded in.
The main idea of the App is, that you start the recording of the audio and then start the recording in the App. This allows you to create chapters on the go, while you are talking. You can add images, links and titles to your chapters as you go, this minimizes post production.


After you have finished recording, just export the saved chapters directly to an existing Hindenburg document, or as a text-doc (there is even an export-option for an Auphonic-compatible text-doc).


If you want to, you can save recorded chapters in a .chapter format, so you can do stuff with them later. You can also save while recording, so you won't loose chapters if something bad happens.


If you want to move all chapters at once, there is a "Move" Tool provided. This is especially useful if you started recording the chapters after you startet recording your audio and you want to synchronize those two again.


Feedback is (as always) very much appreciated. Leave a comment, mention me on twitter or send me an email :-)

System Requirements

ChapterMarker requires an Mac with OS 10.6 or better. But it is also Lion optimized.


A big thanks goes out to Gerrit & Felix from the Fubar-Podcast for testing and helping with the App!

(DISCLAIMER: This is beta-software. Bad things can happen. But also very good things. Image-export is only supported with Hindenburg. Links will not be exported to Auphonic-documents since they don't support that.)