Do you make apps? Then read on. Otherwise this blog post is probably of no interest to you at all.
When making apps you often run into the problem that you want to have incrementing build numbers associated with your binaries. You can do it the old fashioned way and just increase it every time you make a release. Or you can simplify your life drastically with just one little script and some initial setup:

A few months after the last release, it is again time for an update to ChapterMarker, my little tool to help podcasters enhance their podcasts with chapters. Nothing too fancy, but I think still worthy an update. Read on for more information and where to get ChapterMarker!

After a rather long waiting-period, I now proudly present to you the latest version of ChapterMarker. Read on for more information and the download link!

Podcasting is quite fun, but can also be quite stressful if you want to add chapters to your podcast. (Personally, I love chapters in podcasts, because then you can jump to the parts that you find interesting). Sadly, adding those chapters to your podcasts can be quite some work, as you have to set a marker every time you want a new chapter to begin.
But this will change now ;-)

I know, I know, long time no see. But, this had a reason. The last few months I worked very hard on the project "Bim Bim". It's a departure monitor for the local transportation company "Linz AG Linien". Now, please note that I am in no way affiliated with them, it just happens that I live here and they open-sourced their live monitoring system.