So I recently graduated from my school, "HLW für Kommunikations- und Mediendesign", which roughly translates to highschool with focus on communication and media design. Part of that process were the A levels or high school diploma ("Matura"), which I finished last week. Now I'm oficially no longer a student. Weird feeling after atending school for 13 years.
Anyway, students have to write some form of thesis for the A levels. My topic was RSA, especially the maths behind it. As it's written in german, it's not too interesting for everyone, however I thought it might interest some on what I had to work on the last year. This is the written part of the thesis, and this pdf contains the slides (I had to present a random excerpt of the whole presentation). Both files were created in LaTeX, which was its own challenge ;-)

If I had to describe Little Snitch in one word I'd probably call it a firewall. But on the other hand the software made by the Vienna company Objective Development is so much more. And even more so with the recently released version 3.0.

A few months after the last release, it is again time for an update to ChapterMarker, my little tool to help podcasters enhance their podcasts with chapters. Nothing too fancy, but I think still worthy an update. Read on for more information and where to get ChapterMarker!

2013 has already become one of those years I will never forget again. Partly because I achieved what was very long a dream of mine: Make a trip to San Francisco, attend the WWDC and also visit the "mothership", the Apple headquarter in Cupertino.
I'm very glad that I had the chance to do all this, and I also want to thank everyone who helped to make this possible.

As I am currently on easter-break, I decided to use my free time for something more usefull than doing my homework. Together with a good friend of mine, Florian, I set out to build myself a (rather simple) camera crane.