2013 has already become one of those years I will never forget again. Partly because I achieved what was very long a dream of mine: Make a trip to San Francisco, attend the WWDC and also visit the "mothership", the Apple headquarter in Cupertino.
I'm very glad that I had the chance to do all this, and I also want to thank everyone who helped to make this possible.

As I am currently on easter-break, I decided to use my free time for something more usefull than doing my homework. Together with a good friend of mine, Florian, I set out to build myself a (rather simple) camera crane.

One of those things I really like, are RGB-Leds. Especially if you can control them with a computer. My first project with them was a hacked Ikea "DIODER"-lamp, which still lights my desk today. It has several nice features, one of them being the alarm clock. In the morning, the lamp simulates the colors of a rising sun, so I have my own sunrise, whenever I want.
But, lets get to the headline "Blinkentree" - my newest project. In our backyard, we have a little tree. Sadly, you don't see it at night. Well, you didn't. Now you do. :-)

As you might know, I currently work at Boinx Software again, as an intern. As @schlingel started biking to work rather than driving, I joined him on his daily trip to work. Because I also recently bought an iPhone Bike Mount I was curious to do a timelapse while biking to work.
Read on for more information on how we pulled that of technically.

As @schlingel recently celebrated his 5th "Twitter-Birthday" (Congratulations!), I started thinking about how everything started for me. So, this is my story, broken down to the bare minimum, starting with my first Mac.