In Austria each boy has to do either a military service or a civil service after finishing school. I went for the civil service as a paramedic at the Red Cross Austria. It have been 9 amazing months. I learnt alot about the human body, psychology and our society in general. But as you might guess, after those 9 months you are really ready for a holiday. So that's what we did.

The trip to London began with a train ride from Linz to Vienna. From there we took the plane to Heathrow. Did I mention that there are paramedics at Heathrow that ride around with bikes? Yep. Thats a thing.
On the first few days we did some sightseeing of the ususal sights one has to visit when in London. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, etc. I also wanted to visit Greenwich with it's observatory.
Then the underground staff decided to strike so for one day London was practically grid-locked. We made the best out of it and took a train to beautiful but cold Brighton.
It was one of the nicest city trips I ever did. Even the weather was perfect with nearly no rain at all, which seems to me like an absolute miracle.