A few months after the last release, it is again time for an update to ChapterMarker, my little tool to help podcasters enhance their podcasts with chapters. Nothing too fancy, but I think still worthy an update. Read on for more information and where to get ChapterMarker!

What's new?

Beep before recording

In the General Preferences there is now a new setting to play a short beep before the actual start of the recording. This is usefull to synchronise ChapterMarker with your audio recording. Just make sure to turn the feature on and select the correct output device and you are set to go!

Undo and Redo

I'm a little ashamed that I didn't include proper undo and redo in the previous version, but it's now there and should enhance your experience with the software dramatically :-)

Podlove Simple Chapters

For some time now there exists a new specification to represent chapters in feeds. This specification is called Podlove Simple Chapters. Under the export menu you can now choose to export this file.

Under the Hood Stuff

There have been some under the hood changes which should drastically improve the performance of ChapterMarker. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Feature Requests

If you find bugs or think of a cool way to improve ChapterMarker, make sure to drop me a line at peter[at]macpiets.net!


You can either download the latest version of ChapterMarker using the download link below or just hit "Check for updates…" in ChapterMarker itself.
Oh, and if you want to, it would be nice if you'd press the flattr-button in the upper right corner :-)

And you can also donate if you want to: