I'm proud to announce an update to MuteKey. After gathering some feedback from users I implemented a completely rewritten VU-meter which should work way better now. I also added some preferences. You can now choose which hotkey you want to use and also which MIDI-note to use. Find the updated version either through the built in updater or through the link after the break.

According to Stephan, the only missing feature in MuteKey is, that you can't control it via MIDI. And, there was no auto-updater (like Sparkle). These things shall change now.

As you might now, I do some podcasting over at TouchTalk. TouchTalk is a news-podcast and therefor we speak a lot, but sometimes it happens that I have to sneeze. Which is pretty bad, because it screws up our recording. And no one wants to hear my sneeze, believe me ;)