As you may know, I'm a student at a college in Austria (officially it's called HLW - Höhere Lehranstalt für wirtschaftliche Berufe, but no one I know can translate that into nice english, so...). Now, Apple has recently announced that it is entering into the textbook market with iBooks 2. Personally I think this is really cool and has some really cool advantages for pupils, but I also think that this will not be used in austrian school for at least another 50 years.

As you may have already guessed, I'm a coder. I code nearly every day. And when I code, I code a lot. Because of that, I depend on good tools to help me coding. I tried many code editors so far. From TextMate, to Sublime Text, Coda, SubEthaEdit and also Espresso. So for me, it was great news that Espresso got an update to 2.0.

As you might have heard, I'm currently working in munich for the next 3 weeks. Because it got really hot outside, @schlingel and I decided to go into the rather cool (as in temperature means) "Deutsches Musem", the largest museum of the world, and look at interesting stuff like old computer, photography stuff, all sorts of transportation vehicles, be it on land, sea, air and space.

According to Stephan, the only missing feature in MuteKey is, that you can't control it via MIDI. And, there was no auto-updater (like Sparkle). These things shall change now.

As you might now, I do some podcasting over at TouchTalk. TouchTalk is a news-podcast and therefor we speak a lot, but sometimes it happens that I have to sneeze. Which is pretty bad, because it screws up our recording. And no one wants to hear my sneeze, believe me ;)